The Truth

A Generation Without Photos

A national news program recently reported that the current generation of young people will not have many, if any, photographs to share with their children and grandchildren. In this digital age, people want to share images instantly without thinking about how those images will be seen in the future. We have all heard the horror stories of those we know who have lost all of their photos when a hard drive crashes. What about saving those images to CD or DVD? Most people do not realize that most CDs & DVDs start degrading around ten years and who knows if you will be able to find a computer that has a DVD drive. The only proven and time tested way to ensure that future generations will have the ablilty to enjoy and share images is to print them. Home printers and many chain stores that print utilizing ink jet or laser printers are not the answer. In most cases, these inks are not stable and not proven to last. The best way to ensure that your images will last is to use a professional photographer that uses traditional photographic papers such as Kodak .These are proven and time-tested to last generation after generation. 

The School Photographer 

If your school has an official school photographer you will need to have your yearbook photo taken with that company. Most school photographers are big national companies (except for Uphoff) with no local ties to the community.  Many of the images advertised have not been created locally.  The experience and creativity of the photographer that you receive varies and is not guaranteed. Everything you see from Uphoff Studio was created right here and guaranteed.

The Mom or Friend with a Nice Camera

This usually ends in a nightmare and possibly the loss of a friend. Typically, this person has little or no experience working with people, proper posing, flattering lighting or corrective retouching.  It may be the cheap or free option…but remember, cameras don’t take senior portraits, photographers do!  If you care about the outcome of your portraits, go to a professional studio that has work that you like.

The Facebook Photographer

You know the person.  One day they think “hey, I can be a photographer” and the next day they upload some images of relatives or friends.  They really do not have a plan other than “let’s drive around town and see what we get.” This clearly does not make them a photographer.  This is when saying “you get what you pay for” will seriously come true.

The Weekend Warrior

This person usually has a full-time job and is an expert in another field other than photography.  They really do not have the time to truly commit to creating your portraits and they will finish your stuff when they can find some spare time with excuse after excuse. 

The Place that Says they Cost 50-75% Less and will give you Tons of Prints

Okay seriously, you’re smarter than that, right? If you went to a restaurant that advertised their steak dinner for 75% less than other places, what kind of meal would you really expect?  Don’t make this mistake.  It will be a disappointing experience.

A Studio That Specializes In High School Seniors

Let’s be honest, we want you to choose Uphoff Studio. But more important to us, we want you to choose a professional portrait studio.  Sure, it may cost more but why would you want to take a chance on a once-in-a-lifetime event that will be around the rest of your life to represent you.


We are a fun studio that is driven to create individualized portraits that are about you! We fully prepare you for an amazing experience so that when you show up, you know what to wear and what to expect.


We have been photographing seniors since 1988.  Year after year, more families have trusted the Uphoff Studio when it comes to senior portraits.


Unlike any other place in the area, you will receive true variety. From traditional posed studio portraits that your grandparents expect to relaxed fun poses the senior wants.  We have tons of backgrounds and sets and outdoor locations.


The biggest problem is what to do with the images after you have them taken. Everyone knows they want to share their photos immediately through social media and we have taken care of that for you.  But what about products that are designed for your home and will last for generations? Our wide selection of products gives you plenty of options.


We are normal people just like you.  We have families and know that cost is a concern.  We have held the line on price on many of our products for some time now.  Many products cost less than they did five years ago.  Our packages are designed to give you options that you can afford.

100% Guarantee

If you are not thrilled with your experience or portraits for any reason, we will redo everything for you or refund your investment – whichever you prefer.