Our Story

We are Tim and Pam Uphoff and have owned Uphoff Studio since 1988. Since that time we have had the wonderful opportunity to photograph numerous families and their life events. Those memories that will be cherished and shared for many generations. We are very passionate not only about photography but about people and their life story. So many of our clients that step in front of our camera have a story tell and it is our mission to bring that story to life in the form of still photographs. Photographs that will be proudly displayed in their homes and handed down from generation to generation.

So why do our clients choose us for their very important life events?

Training, Artistry and most importantly Customer Service.

Tim is a Certified, Master Photographer that holds his Craftsman Degree from the Professional Photographers of America. He has numerous awards from print competitions and was selected as one of the Top Ten Photographers in the State of Illinois. His attention to detail and mastery at lighting his subjects makes him a not only a sought after photographer but also a teacher. He has taught numerous professionals his lighting techniques as well as business philosophies and workflow.

Pam is dedicated to the client experience. She grew up watching her parents run numerous businesses and brings her experience in customer service to Uphoff Studio. She makes sure everything is perfect from the first phone call until the portrait delivery appointment. Our mission is for our clients to have the ultimate portrait experience so they will refer their friends and family to us. It's a pretty simple philosophy, but it has been the driving force behind Uphoff Studio for over 25 years.