Family Clothing Ideas

Planning your clothing for your family portrait can be quiet a daunting task. While expression and lighting are so very important clothing selection will make or break your family portrait. Proper clothing will tie all  the family members together and make your portrait a true Masterpiece . Poor clothing selection will make your portrait look like a poorly planned snapshot. Here are a few samples of clothing that will give your family a unified look and give you a great outcome. 

When deciding on  a color scheme please keep in mind where the portrait will hang in your home, It is best to "pull" colors form the room and use them in the portrait. This will make the portrait look like it "belongs" in the room. While everyone should be dressed in the same tones it is not necessary to put everyone in a "uniform". Each individual should be distinguished from the other but look like they belong.


If you have any questions please call the studio and ask for guidance